We are not able to refuse that English is very important tool for cooperating with foreign colleagues and the big problem of using English is misunderstanding idioms which are exist in all languages and are used in routine.

Normally, idiom doesn’t mean what exactly people say or write but definition of idiom is comparing or telling indirectly.

For example, if someone says “My boss can bring a lot to the table”, it does not mean that person bring a lot of stuff to the table but the meant of this idiom means to provide something that will be a benefit.


The example show how the idiom works. The next time some say this idiom , you’ll know it has no anyone bringing stuffs to the table.

So I would like to ask all of you to exercise for bringing to the table.

After you tried the exercise, you will see the definition of these idioms do not mean directly as I said, so learning idioms are as significant as studying words. There are many idioms that I haven’t said , then it’s your turn to practice them.

Hope you practice 🙂

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